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If you are looking to hire a Private Investigator for some personal investigation or Toronto concierge service purposes, you need to look no further! We, MPSC Security Services Inc., offer highly affordable, professional and discreet investigation services and Toronto concierge service to corporate and private clients to fulfill their requirements. We provides private investigators to Security Guard companies within Toronto this including Scarborough , Richmond Hill, and Vaughan and all York Region, You can avail our investigation services and condo concierge in different places in Ontario and its surrounding suburbs. All the professionals that we have are fully trained and are dedicated to meet your requirements in residential concierge. We take the time to discuss the Investigation process with you and outline the costs involved. Our professional team conducts preliminary searches and analysis of each case to ensure you receive the best possible result within your concierge Richmond hill We have highly trained and experienced Private Investigators that conduct rural work in GTA Greater Toronto Areas, semi-rural properties and others places.Toronto patrol security guard We strive to assist you with your surveillance needs and we are more than equipped to travel far and wide to help you. We have been professionally dealing with different types of investigating needs of the clients and have successfully accomplished them.

Our team of experienced at MPSC Security Services Inc. private investigators provides Criminal Investigation assistance to individuals who are concerned that a particular person or a group of individuals is involved in illegal activities. MPSC Security Services Investigations will document the activities of the subjects via advanced private criminal investigation surveillance techniques and provide the evidence gathered to the local police department and. The client may choose whether they would like to have their identity disclosed to Toronto concierge companies or if they prefer to stay anonymous. If they prefer to stay anonymous MPSC Security Services Inc. Investigations will present the evidence to the police and testify in court, if needed. Employee theft is a very serious issue that affects hundreds of Ontario businesses which results in Corporate Investigations. MPSC Security Services Investigations understand how frustrating it can be for business owners to deal with dishonest employees and our private investigators are trained and educated on common employee theft schemes and fraudulent behavior. While each theft case is different, some theft cases include: pretending to be sick and claiming sick time, while being in good health; stealing merchandise or money; violating non-compete agreements; utilizing company time to run personal errands; sleeping on the job, etc. MPSC Security Services Inc. Investigations is able to assist business owners by conducting Corporate Investigations which include surveillance, placing hidden spy cameras at the business location, going undercover to document fraud within the organization, and even performing spot checks to determine employee activity. Our private investigators will also be able to assist the business owner with reporting illegal activities to the police and by providing court testimony.

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