MPSC Security Services Inc. is a privately owned and operated security guard company, mainly based in Toronto and York Region Ontario. We specialize in providing uniform Security Guard Service, Mobile Security Patrols, Alarm Responses and Loss Prevention in GTA Greater Toronto Area, Mississauga Richmond Hill and across York Region . If you plan on providing a physical presence security guard to protect your business and its assets, MPSC Security Services Inc. can satisfy your security needs.
Our very personal family style approach, in handling our clients’ most sensitive needs, makes us one of the most called upon security service providers. MPSC Security Services Inc. works hard to give every client high-quality, personalized security guard services at a price they can afford. In order to ensure that we customize every aspect of our private security services to each client’s unique set of needs, our management team follows the step needed by the property owners.

MPSC Security Services Inc. are a unique security company as we provide a personal service with all Directors having continual involvement with clients on the day to day running of the business. We have over a decade of experience in the Security Sector bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience that not all security companies are able to offer. Our objective in the market place is simple. We will supply the best trained, highly motivated and committed personnel.
Our site Supervisors will communicate regularly with both clients and employees to ensure that problems are solved proactively. At MPSC Security Services Inc. – we offer a range of Safekeeping Services to suit the busy lifestyle of Businesses. The success of the company is based on our unrivalled ability to build and maintain a most successful three way partnership between our clients, our officers and ourselves, giving a totally professional and reliable security service.

We pride ourselves on providing highly trained personnel, capable of dealing with the most complex of security issues. We are totally committed to providing you with the very best of people and unrivalled contract management.
Since our formation we have gained a reputation as a highly experienced company with a young, energetic and forward thinking management team offering the highest level of professionalism which others struggle to attain.
Whether you are a new security user or considering a change in your current supplier, MPSC Security Services Inc. can provide you with the complete solution to securing your business.

Our guards provide many services ranging from access control, dealing with resident complaints, to providing assistance in emergency situations. Our security staffs realize the most important aspect of their job is protecting the safety of the residents. They take it into their hands to ensure that all traffic in and out of the building is meticulously observed and documented.


MPSC Security Inc. a fully insured private security and protection agency, provides outstanding security services by maintaining a proactive,


MPSC Security Inc. has developed the experience and expertise in the provision and management of security manpower services.


Address: 141- 347 Jane Street, Toronto, On M6S 3Z3,
toll free: 1-877-396-5044

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