MPSC Security and Incident Response

MPSC Security Services Inc. is one of the leading firms providing high-end security services in Ontario. Our security patrols are a wonderful source of security for business premises, especially after working hours, when the properties are vacant. Security patrols go a long way in ensuring that property loss and vandalism does not occur after business hours. Whenever we provide mobile patrolling service to your property, a visible security signage is offered highlighting that the property or premises in under the protection of MPSC Security Services Inc. With our 24/7 drive through security patrol service, we are your ultimate choice. Our mobile patrols incorporate a range of solutions from lock up services, alarm response and welfare checks to gates, windows and door checks as well as machinery and alarm system checks.

On the whole we offer the following:

External patrols: This includes carrying out spot checks on properties such as estates, construction sites, warehouses, shopping centers, abandoned properties and any such areas which may fall prey to illegal activities.

Internal patrols: You may need to deploy mobile patrols for corporate offices or large buildings and we offer competent security staff for these internal patrols.

Staff escorts: Mobile security patrols may be required, to patrol an assigned zone by foot, mobile patrol or stand static post, enforce client policies and regulations, and investigate all facility related incidents and its associates, and facility personnel are provided with a safe and professional working environment. The Mobile Security guard Specialist reports to the Supervisor.

Property inspections: We also offer services related to monitoring or reporting suspicious activity or missing inventory on a property which is vacant.

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