Security Guard Duties

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At MPSC Security Services Inc., we know that the most important part to Concierge Security is the guards’ appearance and professional customer service.
As a Concierge Security guard, we know the security guard is the face to the building being sitting at the front desk in the common areas. By saying this, this means that the security guard is the first person met when entering and the last person seen when leaving. Our Concierge Security guards have a very professional customer service attitude at all times when present on shift.

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Mobile patrol dutiesOntario is one of the safest province in the Canada, however robbery and intrusion take place every single day. Do we want the worry about our assets being robbed? Probably not.Often, we get help from technology to protect our assets from a theft or invasion. But there is no better deterrent than a real security guard or a security officer equipped with technology, experience and expertise.

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General Purpose

To patrol and protect assigned property, promote and enforce safety and security and act as a visible deterrent against irregular activity.

Main Job Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities

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