MPSC SECURITY Patrol & security guards

MPSC Security Services Inc. Patrol provides security guards who can fulfill a range of roles and responsibilities. Our professional security guards, or watchmen, patrol and inspect property to protect against fire, theft, vandalism, and illegal activity. MPSC Security Services Inc. officers protect our client’s investments, enforce laws on property, and serve as a form of crime prevention.

Our security guards prepare and write comprehensive reports outlining their observations and activities during their assigned shifts. They may also interview witnesses or victim, prepare case reports, and testify in court.

Specific job responsibilities also vary with the size, type, and location of the client. In department stores, our security guards protect people, records, merchandise, money, and equipment. They often work with our undercover investigators to prevent theft by customers or store employees. Some of our shopping center and theater security guards patrol on bicycles in parking lots to deter car theft and robberies. In office buildings, and clinics, security guards maintain order and protect the institution’s property, staff, and customers.

MPSC security Services guards work in public buildings, such as museums or public centers to protect paintings and exhibits by inspecting people and packages entering and leaving the building. In factories, laboratories, government buildings, data processing centers, and offices; security officers protect information. Moreover, MPSC Security Services Inc. customizes post order handbooks for each assignments.

Our 24-hour roving field supervisors, each site supervisor, and emergency response team are only a small number of the services that set MPSC security Services apart from other security companies.

MPSC Security Services guards must show good judgment and common sense, follow directions from a site supervisors, accurately testify, and follow company policy and guidelines. We expect all of our security guards to have a professional appearance, attitude and be able to interact with the public. Our security guards are trained to take charge and direct others in emergencies or other dangerous situations.


Cost Effectiveness

By contracting with MPSC Security Services Inc., businesses and residential properties pay for the services of their security guards.

Training and Hiring

When hiring MPSC security Services, businesses and residential properties you do not have to worry about hiring, training and personnel concerns. MPSC Security Services uses its staff, money and resources to provide comprehensive training, which includes stricter probationary periods. MPSC Security Services Inc. employs the necessary measures, such as placing ads and conducting job fairs to recruit personnel, this makes MPSC Security Services Inc. better equipped to enforce specific qualifications (such as licensing, certification, and background checks.


The quality and qualifications of security guards hired by MPSC Security Services Inc. provides businesses and residences with increased safety via more diverse services and personnel, which include the following: patrolling, site supervision, surveillance, and loss prevention detectives. MPSC Security Services Inc. guards are also experienced and trained in monitoring and recording the arrival and departure times of visitors, particularly in residential settings. Additionally, MPSC security Services guards are required to have first aid CPR training. Consequently, businesses and residential properties are better prepared to handle incidents, such as medical emergencies.

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